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Price Based on YOUR Needs!

Team Training

Football? Soccer? Basketball? Volleyball? Baseball? Softball? Track? Wrestling? Swimming? No matter what the sport, our Staff will design a program that will set your team up for success.


What is your team’s biggest weakness?  Is it strength? Endurance? Mobility? Speed? Agility? Quick thinking? Discipline? 


Come train with us and receive the best training possible, based on your team’s needs.  

Training with one of our qualified staff. A program designed, for your sport specific team, that will give them the best conditioning and/or strength training around.  Training  prices at your location are as follows: 


2 Days/Week-$50/Athlete/Month

3 Days/Week-$75/Athlete/Month


Training with our qualified staff at our gym location, prices are as follows:

3 Days/Week- $35/Athlete/Month

Unlimited  Days/Week-$50/Athlete/Month